Code Play Learn Parties

Code Play Learn Parties invite birthday boys and girls to choose the birthday party experience they want. These parties are a fun, dynamic way to teach kids and their party guests how to think creatively, reason systematically and play collaboratively.  And most of all, have fun!

Minecraft Modding
At our Minecraft Modding parties, geared for 3rd through 7th graders, kids will use a graphical modding tools to build special birthday Mods they can import into their Minecraft game.  One of the kids favorite Mods to build is a Birthday Cake Mod that explodes when clicked.  Another Mod kids enjoy building is a Wand Mod that replaces other blocks with their Birthday Cake Mod and can Strike Lightning.

Gadget Creation Parties
During these parties each kid will create an Electronic Gadget Creation to bring home.  Designed for 1st through 6th graders, kids choose what they want to make including Vibrating Robots, Game Show Buzzers, Zip-line Racres, and more.  While we create our gadgets kids will also learn how electronic circuits and power work together.

Every birthday party is specially planned for your child, and run by Code Play Learn specialists who will make the experience fun and entertaining for all party guests.

Parties can be scheduled to be held at either of Code Play Learn’s locations.

To schedule a birthday party please submit a birthday party inquiry.