Wil Greenwald started his career in education as a classroom teacher in 2001.  His primary focus has been teaching computer programming classes.  He received his undergraduate degree in Business from the State University of New York and completed his graduate work at Roosevelt University; earning two masters’ degrees in Education and Management of Information Systems.

Wil has created curriculum used to teach an array of STEM classes.  Wil strives to have students explore the thought methodology of input-process-output and how it applies to STEM curriculums and beyond into all aspects of learning. By understanding this thought methodology students can attack any learning objective by examining what is required, or the output, and then gathering their inputs to process them in a manner that provides them with the desired output.  If what is created does not meet expectations they can revise, edit, and test again until their output meets expectations.

He also teaches Integration of Technology into Curriculum as an adjunct professor at Roosevelt University in the College of Education.  Here, he has the ability to work with aspiring Early Education teachers to cultivate how they plan to drive technological solutions into their classrooms.

Prior to his current roles in education, he worked in executive search consulting, managing senior level executive searches for General Motors, Fleishman Hilliard and various .com startups. Prior to that, Wil worked at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as an arbitrage clerk in the Eurodollar pits and traded his own account in the currency pits.