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Register for our Catholic High School Entrance Exam 2-Hour Overview


Catholic HS Entrance Exam Last Minute 2-Hour Overview

Session Options:
Sat. 11/17/18, 2:30-4:30pm
Sun. 11/18/18, 2:30-4:30pm

Code Play Learn, with instructor Paul Wright, is offering a last minute 2-hour prep class for a quick overview of the Catholic HS Entrance Exam.

The High School Placement Exam for Chicagoland area Catholic School Entrance exam day is December 1st. The HSPT, a one-time exam for 8th graders entering parochial high schools, is used to determine admittance and course placement upon acceptance.   

Our 2-hour course will review all the sections of the HSPT test, provide an overview of sample test questions from each section, and each student will receive a practice HSPT test with answer key and access to vocabulary and math flashcards through Quizlet.

Students will leave the course knowing what to expect on exam day, understand the question types from each exam section, and receive supplementary materials to review.

The HSPT, or the High School Placement Test, which is published by the Scholastic Testing Service, is a multiple choice test consisting of 298 questions divided into five sections. Learn more about the test:

 Verbal Skills 60 questions – 16 minutes

 Quantitative Skills 52 questions – 30 minutes

 Reading 62 questions – 25 minutes

 Mathematics 64 questions – 45 minutes

Code Play Learn cannot promise a higher score or guarantee entrance into a selective high school program. All classes will be held at Code Play Learn located at 132 N. Ridgeland Ave Oak Park IL 60302.  Classes are capped at a max of 15 students.

Find out more about each schools admissions process:

Fenwick  | Trinity  | St. Ignatius  | Nazareth  | Benet | Guerin  | Latin (Uses the ISEE Exam)  | University of Chicago Lab School (Uses the ISEE Exam)

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