Code Play Learn & Legacy Sporst STEM & Sports Camp July 15th-19th | Grades K-2nd


Code Play Learn & Legacy Sporst STEM & Sports Camp July 15th-19th | Grades K-2nd


LOCATION – Park Jr. High
DATE: July 15th-19th 2019
Time: 9-3:30pm
Please Pack A Nut Free Lunch
Current GRADES: K-2nd

Code Play Learn and Legacy Sports are excited to offer our STEM EXPLORER – MULTI-SPORTS camp for current K-2nd graders.

Our STEM EXPLORER CAMP allows students in K-2nd grade to learn about coding, engineering and robotics through the use of our LEGO WEDO 2.0 tools and the construction of Gadgets they will get to bring home.

LEGO Robotics and Coding Our LEGO-Robotics introduces students to robotics and engineering principles through the building of their own LEGO Robots. Each week students will construct and modify their own Lego robots incorporating motors, motion sensors and a distance sensors. After building our creations we then use the LEGO WeDo programming platform to make their creations come alive.

Gadgets - Students will create electronic gadgets and STEM inspired art projects. During our classes students will learn the fundamentals of electrical circuits by working on a variety of hands-on projects. Our projects allow students to explore LEDs , motors, switches, batteries, and wires while they will produce some exciting gadgets.

Our MULTI-SPORTS activities encourage kids to communicate and stay active as they play a wide array of games.

Campers will spend the other half of the day engaged in athletic activities, featuring dozens of Multi-Sport Madness games like Treasure Island, Hand Hockey, Illinois Jones, Countdown Dodgeball, Battleship, Capture the Flag, scatter-ball, Dr. Bombardment, connect 4, Go Across and soccer. These activities ensure that campers learn how to communicate with each other and work as a team to accomplish their goals.

Space is limited to the first 15 campers.

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