Paul Wright is a 20 year educator who has taught at a selective enrollment CPS Academic Center, CPS selective enrollment high school, and currently teaches at a local suburban cook county high school.  Paul holds degrees in mathematics and gifted education making him extremely well rounded and knowledgeable in a variety of content areas.  He has been successfully tutoring students for the high school and college placement exams for over ten years and brings a wealth of experience to our dynamic curriculum.  Recently, Paul finished running our summer math camps and HSPT test preparation with rave reviews.

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What Parents Have to Say

Our experience with your company and with Paul specifically was top-notch and we would highly recommend your group to anyone who is looking for test preparation tutoring. Coupled with being incredibly knowledgeable and organized, Paul obviously puts a ton of work into preparing the students. The flash cards and other review materials were extensive and the frequent communications to both Martin and us were very helpful in keeping him on track with the assignments. Most importantly and impressive, however, was Paul’s ability to engage with Martin — which we all know can be a bit of a challenge with most 13 year-old non-communicative boys who respond to questions with a monosyllabic “yea”, no” or “ok”.  Martin seemed to enjoy the challenge of mastering the material given the way Paul presented it. We did not get the specific results of the entrance exam from Ignatius, but Martin felt very well prepared for the test and was accepted for admission. 

Ann M.

Mr. Wright was a small group tutor for both my children.  I was not sure what to expect with the parochial school exam and felt my children and some of their friends were not getting adequately prepared at their school for the exam.   I heard about Paul Wright's small group test prep from a friend who had their child in the course the previous year and they highly recommended it.  My child and their friends thought Mr. Wright was extremely approachable and enjoyed his sense of humor.  They actually enjoyed going to the weekly sessions!  Every class they came home with study material and he kept myself and other parents in the loop regarding study plans and expectations.  Both my kids did well on the exam and got into the schools of their choice. I can honestly say that other parents commented to me that they wished they would have prepared for the exam because their children were completely lost lost during it.  Mr Wright prepared my children well for the exam and without a doubt had an impact on their ability to get into the school of their choice.


Over the summer, Paul Wright worked with my son on math enrichment. Paul was energetic, intelligent and made math for my teen age son enjoyable. I highly recommend Paul! We can’t wait to use him again.