As of 2017 Code Play Learn has updated its Refund Policy. Code Play Learn understands that schedules change and will try to accommodate refund requests.  

Please review our policy:

Summer Camps

January-March 15th: Receive a full refund minus a $75 processing fee.

March 16th-May 1st: Receive a refund minus $125 cancellation fee.

After May 1st: No refunds.

This policy applies to all camp cancellations regardless of your registration date.

After School and Weekend Classes:

Requests made 14, or more, days prior to your class beginning receive a refund minus $75 service fee.

Single Day Camps

Requests made 14 days prior to the camp beginning receive a refund minus $25 service fee.

Birthday Parties

If a birthday party is cancelled the $100 deposit will not be refunded.

Cancellation Policy

If a Digital Day Long Adventure or Camp session is cancelled due to low enrollment, students/parents will be notified via email and a phone call at least 1-week in advance.  A refund will be issued on to the credit card used.

Behavior Issues

If a camper, or student, is acting in a way that is unsafe to other participants or cannot follow directions we will have to have that child pickup by their parent or guardian.  If a camper, or student, continues to behave in an unsafe manner we may need to have them removed from the camp, or class, without a refund.